Airlines on Twitter - UAL


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I added UAL to my twitter account to follow them, they mostly post deals on destinations and what not.

But this morning I logged in and they tried to tweet a board meeting. Not too much info compared to what was probably said, but there are about 10 posts, and def an interesting way to get people "in the know" about the company.

A few interesting tweets:

UnitedAirlinesTilton: Look fwd to begin discussions with manufacturers on new planes; expct rtrn on invstmnt and imprvd operating performance. #airlines
UnitedAirlinesCFO Mikells: seized eco opportunity to eliminate least fuel efficient fleet. Only among major competitors to reduce non-fuel costs #airlines
UnitedAirlinesTague: New aircraft would drive progress up and down the agenda - improve costs, fuel efficiency, environment impact, reliability #airlines
UnitedAirlinesTilton: Competitive environment changed dramatically with industry merger; CO partnership presents opportunity for our people and customers
UnitedAirlinesTilton: Our country needs modernized aviation system; we could see today's on-time results even with triple the capacity #airlines

AirlineExecutive: I'm saying a bunch of stuff to get as many people behind me as possible, even if my decisions make their life more difficult. It's for the better of the company!!