airlines hiring



went to gulfstream academy's website and read their claim that they have sent 98 people to rj's this year with some of them having fewer than 500 hours. there has to be a catch right? if not, why the @#$% aren't there any instructors getting hired from anywhere else?
I wouldn't trust anything you read on Gulfstreams' site. That place is evil.
I'll probably get sued for this down the road, but I'd take anything from Gulfstream with a grain of salt.

And I'm not talking the big chunks of sea salt or kosher, but that movie popcorn-sized salt.
And how much did the students have to pay after all their training in order to fly for $7- $8 per hour? $17K???? $20K????? whatta load of crap.
I don't know if there is any truth to this, but I have a student interested in Gulfstream, and he said that alot of the students were going to Pinnacle in Memphis. They feed Northwest.
Hmmmm .... I was thinking that the numbers they are saying got hired are the ones flying for peanuts. That they were counting the people that bought their jobs. Not the people that may have gotten jobs after that.