Airlines and the Stock Market...NEED HELP!!!


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Hey, I just want to know what airline is in what stock market: NYSE, Nasdaq, S&P 500, etc.

If you know where a certian airline is in one of these markets, please throw up a post to enlighten me! Thanks Guys!

The S&P 500 is not a market, just an index. Go to the CNN - Money site and run a search on airliners, it will tell you what market they trade on.
Here you go...

Continental - CAL - NYSE
Delta - DAL - NYSE
Southwest - LUV - NYSE
Northwest Airlines - NWAC - NASDAQ
United Airlines - UALAQ - Has been delisted from NYSE and is be traded on an Over the counter buliten board.
American Airlines - AMR - NYSE
AirTran - AAI - NYSE
ExpressJet (Continental Express) - XJT - NYSE

I reckon UALAQ shares have potential if UAL are able to exit bankruptcy early. Right now the shares are around $1.86. I figure if I had my parents buy a few thousand for me and then they went up a little maybe I'd be able to make a little something. In my opinion now is a good time to invest in airline shares since they are sooo cheap and have potential. But then again I'm not really an economic expert.. Can someone please give me some advice on airline shares?
First check this article out: Buying Stock In Bankrupt Companies a Bad Idea

I'm not a broker, but I always invest by the motto: "put in only what you can afford to lose."

Now, IMHO, I think that buying 1000 shares of UAL might not be a bad idea. The airline is still operating at this point, so it's a good bet that they'll return to profitability soon.

Then again...they were in trouble before 9/11. So their decline appears to have been inevitable. Which to me says that they're a bad risk.

In the end it's all a guessing game. If you feel from you research etc. that they're going to come back and you can afford to lose $200. Then go for it.

One final thought, I don't see them coming back for a few years yet. So it may be a long'ish term investment.


BTW. I have no idea how one would buy something OTC, if you happen to find out (or if anyone knows) let me know.
BTW. I have no idea how one would buy something OTC, if you happen to find out (or if anyone knows) let me know.

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The answer was in that article:
The only thing you'll get out of buying UAL stock right now is the chance to piss away every single dime you spend buying it. When UAL comes out of bankruptcy, the shares outstanding now will be worthless. Just ask the guys who bought USAirways stock thinking what you're thinking now.
Exactly. When UAL comes out of bankruptcy, they will have to come out under a new IPO. So old UAL stock certs. will only be good for toilet paper.
This is VERY interesting. I was headed to the bank for lunch in about an hour to deposit $1000 of my tax refund to buy UALAQ stock. You know, 'in 10 years I won't miss 1000 dollars but could use $15,000'.
And then I ran into this post. Nice one. And I was wondering naggingly what that Q was for. Thanks folks! I guess I will wait until they emerge?

Yup. You should wait until they come out of chapter 11. Do not, under any circumstances, buy stock in a bankrupt company unless you feel like taking advantage of people who don't know any better who will bid the stock price up on good news. Then you dump those shares you bought, and let someone else find out that when a company emerges from chapter 11, the stock that it used to have is worthless.

And since nowadays, all stock is pretty much held electronically, you won't even get a stock certificate to use as TP!
The reason I haven't gone ahead already to buy some UALAQ shares is because they're in bankruptcy. Thank Goodness! Now I'm definetly going to wait until they are have emerged from bankruptcy and are doing good again. I got my eye on them....

Thanks for the advice.

I picked up 100 shares of UAL in the aftermath of the 2000 ESOP cash out. I bought in the upper 40s and planned to hold until $57, which happened just a few months later. I sold all but 10 shares at that time (mid-2000) and walked out with about a grand profit (went back into my portfolio). I figured 10 shares of UAL wouldn't hurt to have in the future. Whoops...

Anyone need toilet paper? I got some MidEx and ASA holdings as well...