AIRLINERS.NET Really Is Gettin On My Nerves Now


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Guess what, now if u want to the read the news stories on u have to be a first class member. What next...are they going to start charging for the photos in order to view them..


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In my opinion, the only good thing about is the photos. Until they start charging to view them, I don't give a rats ass.


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I'm still annoyed about their very poor decision to move the chat from a free IRC server to a "You must be a first class member" crappy chat program... Lost contact with a bunch of people, a shame..

The joke is, barely anybody even touches their new chat program.


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You're over at Virtual FedEx? No kidding, I know a senior pilot that flies the Concorde and A380 for them. He says the paint schemes took 30 minutes to download but it's worth it for the awesome realism.