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Doug is a very cool person. He has allowed me to mention my Airline seminars here on his forums.

We are planning a special seminar on July 29, 30 here in Orlando. I think we will be using the Showalter facility but that has not yet been confirmed.

We have several airline pilots who will be speaking and teaching. In addition, here is my big surprise. I have managed to retain director/producer Lynda Stein to come and teach the finer parts of interviewing. Most of what Lynda does as a director is casting and her insights as to what people look at when you walk in a room are incredible.

We sat at lunch today here in Orlando and I took a page of notes on tips for interviews. Some of this stuff I knew and already do subconsciously, but others .... well let me give you an example:

How many of you look at the company website before an interview? I would guess 100%. But how many of you get the company officers, DO, CP, etc's names and do a google search on those? You'd be amazed at what you can find out! You get news articles, msg boards, legal documents(!) etc. It gives you a broad base to speak from in the interview.

This is just one of about 20 good tips I picked up today.

I will tell you now that Lynda isn't going to come cheap, so we will need to have at least 10 applicants to make it work.

If you are interested please register at

Will you promise to TRY to be somewhat positive at the seminar?

[/ QUOTE ]

Hehe. Negative reinforcement.
Are you coming R2F? Should I have a policeman standing by?


This seminar is for people who have decided to take the plunge so its all about GETTING A JOB.
Not coming. Won't be ready for the job market - even at the CFI level - until the end of this year.

But even if I were - no policeman necessary.

I'm a peaceful man... I'm a Liberal - remember?

I just don't pull any punches when it comes to certain things (as you've learned).

Seminar will meet at Showalter Aviation, KORL (Orlando Executive)
9am-5pm two days.

Featured Speakers:

Lynda Stein, Producer-Director
John Tenney "Aviation Icon"

Al Steele, Regional Airline Captain
Chris Feltault, National Airline Captain (B717)
Ed Heick, Gulfstream IISP Captain, and Chief Pilot for fractional operator.

$150 payable at door

More info and registration at: