Airline Gone on Saturday Feb 14th


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Corporate Airlines will leave this Saturday, Valentine's Day. Lafayette will no longer have airline service.

It would be REALLY nice if we would get some Chicago service.
Being a college town with a bunch of kids from out of state, you would think tnat LAF could support air service. I wonder If Comair do a couple nonstops to CVG with their CRJs? ATA is super cheap and offers non-stop service to IND from LGA (8 miles from my house), so I guess thats the best option for me. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Lafayette Limo?
You'd think. But when its a $37 trip to Indy on Lafayette Limo, and 90 bucks on Southwest, the HUGE extra cost of flying from LAF didn't really make much sense. Honestly, there werent many connections from STL, it was overpriced, bad schedules....

If Comair flew in from CVG or if Chicago Express flew into MDW, I'd invest the extra buck. But I don't know the probability of that happening.

Most people just drive the hour to Indy and take cheaper flights. To some, investing an extra couple of hundred dollars a few times a year is worth the time saved from going down to Indy on Lafayette Limo. For most here, its not worth the money.

Lafayette Limo works for me... but if anyone from Comair or ATA is reading this, I'LL FLY OUT OF LAF IF YOU START SERVICE
I hate that limo! Crappy service for outragous prices. Can you believe that I called, made a reservation, and showed up only to find they were full. The driver took my money and told me, "don't worry, there's one immediately following me." He shut the door in my face and drove off.

Two and a half hours later I will still sitting at the curb. I made numerous calls to the Lafayette Limo office and was given the same story.

Eventually one came, but after that I try to avoid them whenever possible.