Aircraft sitting for 5 years


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I'm trying to contact a guy at the local airport that has a 1976 Archer II he had for sale 5 years ago and it never sold. I'm guessing he wanted too much then and that will be the same now but its a really nice looking plane with some nice add ons so I thought it was worth inquiring about.

I'm trying to make a list of all the items that would need to be replaced after an aircraft has been sitting in a hangar for 5 years. Its a nice hangar, closed off with no birds. I'm an A&P with some GA experience so I'll be doing the labor myself. I just want to have a list together of the cost so I can reason with him if he gives me a price that is close to worth while.

The engine was overhauled 280 hours ago and supposedly has had a dehumidifier on it. Whats your thoughts here? I figure budget/plan for at least a cam but that wont probably be known until its been flown for a few hours. If we can make a deal, I will pull a cylinder as part of the prebuy but figure and minor issues may not show themselves until it been running.

Items required; Tires, tubes, hoses, air filter, oil filter, oil, battery, pitot static/ IFR checks

Items probable; Brake and master cylinder orings, wheel bearings, fuel system seals,

I know there will be alot of little things that are going to pop up so I will leave a little cushion for that but wanted any other thoughts as to what typically needs done after they have been sitting. Thanks
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