Aircraft Rental in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area


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Anyone have any suggestions for a place to get checked out and rent an aircraft in the greater Broward/Dade County area. I'll be heading down for 10 days and want to do some flying. Thanks
Stay away from American Flying Club at FXE. I had a terrible experience with them a few years ago, and from what I have seen the same people still own it. I had gotten checked out in a C172 so I could take a day trip up to northern FL. When I woke up the Morning I was supposed to go, which also happened to be a day that the FBOs office was closed, The weather was Solid IFR all the way to the Orlando area. I was not instrument rated at the time so I cancelled the flight. When I got my Credit Card Bill for the next month, It had a Charge from them for 3 hours flight time, which was the mimimum charge for a full day. I called them and explained that the weather was IFR when I was supposed to leave and I had no way of telling them I was cancelling since the office was closed so I wanted the money refunded. They proceeded to tell me that the weather went VFR around 1pm and they had planes fly after that so they would not refund it. I told them that I had to leave by 7am if I was going to drive and make my meeting, so I could not have waited for VFR conditions and would contact my credit card company if they would not remove the charge. I then had to call my credit card company, and file a claim(which I won) denying pymnt to them. So basically they changed what I thought was going to be a fun way to take care of some stuff I had to do on my vacation into a major headache.
I got checked out and rented in a 172 from Silver Express at Tamiami (TMB). I would say my experience was.... "OK"
When I went for my checkout, the instructor rushed me through my preflight and told me that there was no need to drain and check the fuel from the sumps, since he has "never had any problems with the fuel there." This was just after one of the employees told me of a recent incident that one of their aircraft experienced... smoke in the cockpit due to some sort of electrical malfunction.

In the end however, I found the aircraft to be well maintained, the line staff and most of the employees very helpful, the airport easy to get in and out of, and of course... the area was a treat for a guy from DC to fly around. If TMB is convenient for you, I'd check out some of the other FBO's on the field, including Silver Express. My experience was probably just an unlucky one.

Good Luck and happy flying!
There's a good FBO at Opa Locka (OPF) called Air Repair.
I rent 172's and 150's out of there and they're in pretty descent shape. Got their number on my cell... here it goes: 305-681-1278.
I don't suggest Pelican, but they're an option if you want to rent Katanas....
Cheers !
I'll give them a call tomorrow. Any info on their prices out at Air Repair? Also, anyone know anything about the FBO's at Tamiami?
I rent from Air Repair also and their prices are reasonable. I don't have the exact numbers with me, but I can post them later tomorrow.
If you are going to fly on a weekend, I'll suggest booking in advance. It's been tricky getting 172 on a weekend lately.