Aircraft Nicknames! Lets hear em'!


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I wanted to see how many nicknames y'all could come up with for various aircraft. Ex: MD80- Mad Dog


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Okay... offhand

CRJ: I called it the Canadian Lawn Dart... sometimes the 'Surge' (an ERJ would be an Urge...)
DC-9: The 'Direct Cable Nine"
Dash-8: The Dash Trash


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IAI Westwind: Jew Canoe
IAI Astra: Rabbi Rocket
Citation X: Twin Cessna
CRJ: Barbie Jet
Dash 8: Turbowhacker
MU-2: Rice Rocket
Metroliner: Whistling poo* Can of Death (WSCOD)
DC-9: Diesel 9
MD-80: Flying (male anatomy, two words)


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E-145: Taco Rocket
C402: Martini Shaker
757: Long legs, big [female anatomy]


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737-200: Thunder Guppy
Metro: Texas Death Tube
C208 Caravan: Penalty Box
C207: Sled
Beech Travel Air: Travel Scare


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according to the Air Boss aboard CVN-77 the C2-A was referred to as "Big Sexy"... :)

Other than that we just called it a COD.