Aircraft bound for Casper, Wyoming overdue since Tuesday..


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It's likely we'll all be in the dark until they know something one way or the other. I was halfway hoping that someone might know someone involved in the search effort...


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I know of nothing else. I too have friends who knew someone on that airplane.
Got to be patient in things like this, which I know sucks. Info is going to likely be slow in coming, what with the terrain, etc, in the area (if the plane went down there). Good thing is there was radar contact, which would narrow the area.....again, IF it went down there. Worst ones are the planes that takeoff with no radar contact and no flight plan, then never return.


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I seen the Civil Air Patrol out flying today looking for it. They mentioned that the aircraft never filed a flight plan so they really had a wide area to look... I didnt know that they were using radar services.

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Hey guys, news is breaking here in Shreveport that the plane is found and word is it doesn't look good! No signs of life are apparent! Having to wait until morning to get a helicopter crew to the ledge and lower a rescue/ recovery team down to the wreckage!

Here is a quote from the story, "The wreckage was spotted at 7:02 p.m. CDT sitting on a rocky ledge on the south face of Wyoming's Laramie Peak, which is about 9,800 feet above sea level, says Albany County Sheriff's Office Under sheriff Rob DeBree."

My prayers and thoughts are with you all who knew the passengers/pilot aboard this aircraft! for the breaking news story this hour!


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I was hearing a lot about this today. The plane is based out of Marshall, TX nearby the airport I work at. I know people who knew some of those involved. They were in our prayers throughout the day. My prayers go out to all who are effected by this. :(