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I am very interested in applying for ASIs F/O program sometime in the next few years. I was wondering if there is anyone on the board that has any experience with ASI. What do they look for in potential pilots? I know that the average flight times are very high, but what about F/O applicants?

Thanks for any info!!
I can't really help yo too much other than tell you what's on the website. 400TT CAMEL. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun though I imagine very dangerous at times.
THis is from their website:


Captain of Aircraft US License PIC Turbine PIC ME PIC
Single Engine Recip FAA CPL/IR 1200
Single Engine Turbine FAA CPL/IR 1500 100
Multi Engine Turbine FAA CPL/ME 1800 100 500

Please Note:

- These are minimum qualifications. Meeting these qualifications does not necessarily indicate sufficient experience for all postings. Average flight time of current crew is much higher.
- For a First Officer applicant we require 400 hours total time, commercial pilot's certificate, airplane multi-engine land and instrument ratings.
I knew about the time requirements. I just don't want send in my resume and have them tell me that they only hire with 1000TT and bush flying experience. What I meant to ask in the last post is is there anyone on the board that has any experience working with Air Serv, or have any friends that do.

I looked into them. If you start with them as an FO, expect a salary of around $16,500, but with no taxes. You would be assigned to the King Air 200, and would be flying in either Jordan (Iraq relief) or Afghanistan. It seems like GREAT flying. Expect a while in the right seat. Plus, they said that they really want people who are single. It becomes a bear trying to fly overseas when you are married or what not.