Air Safety in Phoenix Shuts Down..


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I found the part about "We'll be having a meeting with the employees tomorrow".

Then the employees saying, "That's news to me!"


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That Dee fellow is slick. I talked to him when we went headhunting around my flight school, promising everyone $40,000/year. Didn't trust the fellow then and I wouldn't trust his explanation now.


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Auhhhhhhhh.,.... the poor Indian students don't get to fly their A320s and 737s by Jan 1st, looks like they're going to have to wait for that 190 hours.... Isn't this that flight school that gave out free CFI tickets if you were willing to be paid minimum wage??


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I worked ther for about 6 months in the first half of this year. Made good salary the entire time and it was a fun awesome place to work, but I saw the bubble growing too big and split before it started a slow steady burst resulting in what it is today and managed to land in a job much more steady.But I definitely made a good time of it while I was there despite some of the management.


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Man I left there about 1400 yesterday, I took off right behind one of their planes, I think it was the blond even.


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So they do have cirrus airplanes there. I give the blond a 10 out of 10.
The blond is married and is NOT friendly!

And Dee NEEDS to go to jail.

And yes they have/HAD Cirrus' out there. SR20s. Thankyou for the cinsurance chekout in a Cirrus Airsafety.