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Yes, this is a plug for Air Orlando Aviation in Orlando, Florida. After all the debate about Delta Connection Academy in Sanford, I felt compelled to make a plug for Air Orlando. I am currently employed there as a CFI and did a chunk of my training there (Private, part of instrument, CFII and MEI). What an awesome school to say the least!

We have a fleet of over 30 aircraft mostly consisting of new (1999 and later) model Cessna 172s. We have two Piper Arrows, three Piper Senecas and a Piper Aztec. We have plans to replace our 152s with Diamond Eclipses for initial training. We have a staff of 22 instructors, all of whom have exceptional piloting and teaching skills.

The school has on order a Motus Full Motion Simulator that will be vry high tech and in the school for use sometime in October. Our owner is customer oriented and refuses to become a pilot factory. The Chief Pilot is currently in the process of applying for Part 141 certification with the Orlando FSDO. However, this will only cover about 10% - 20% of our training with the rest remaining as Part 61.

We have beautiful facilities and great maintenance. Our prices our competitive and are far cheaper than any academy. Students going from zero hours to CFI are spending a fraction of what it costs to go through an academy. Not to mention, there is a better potetial to get a job at the end.

The job as a CFI there is second to none. The pay is competitive and the hours are probably better. I fly 70-80 hours per month and bill 80-100 per month. I feel safe in our planes and have fun while doing it.

If you are considering Orlando, please stop by or call. You can ask for me or PM on JC for more info. Our company's website is I am not in any way conncected with marketing. I am an employee that loves where I work and would love to train and meet new people. I am trying to give you another option in the Orlando Area. Sorry this was so long!
I normally would have deleted this but since I often rented the C172RG there, I'll cut ya a little slack this time!
Thanks Doug! We are legitimate and care about our customers which I know you like. Check our new facilities next time you come into MCO. They are pretty awesome! How long ago did you rent from us?

P.S. Why are the "get a job" and "meet new people" phrases underlined and linked to weird sites? Maybe I just see it on my computer.
Hmm. Not underlined on my screen. I don't think we have heard of this one, I'll have my husband take a peek.
P.S. Why are the "get a job" and "meet new people" phrases underlined and linked to weird sites? Maybe I just see it on my computer.

[/ QUOTE ]

I betchya whoever owns the computer you're using has one of those "spyware" programs that inserts hyperlinks to advertisers because I don't see what you're talking about at all.

Where do you see this?
I went on another computer and know I don't see it. Doug, you are probably right about the Spware stuff. Anyways, thanks for letting me plug Air Orlando.
Okie doke. I might have to send Air Orlando an invoice in the future if any of my advertisers have a beef!
I believe the owners there would advertise with you Doug, should I contact them? My office is next door.
JT, are you at Exec Air Center? I was at Air Orlando this morning, but due to a stupid sinus infection, I had to settle for ground work.
I'm taking one of the 182s to the Bahamas next week for some XC time.
I believe the owners there would advertise with you Doug, should I contact them? My office is next door.

[/ QUOTE ]

Nah, the queue is pretty full for August, but I might have some openings in September!
Exec. Air Center is now called Jet Center Orlando, but yes it is next door to Air Orlando Aviation. Great people, good service and beautiful facilities.
Jet Center or Air Orlando?

We are all hoping the "New Regime" will do a better job of cust. service at Jet Center, now that the Statue has been "Toppled."
jet center orlando? ugh.... couldn't they have thought of a better name....

something like... "international jet center for orlando, tampa and the whole fricken central florida super doppler triple 9000 million airport" hahahaha

sorry, i couldn't resist that - but orlando is the worst for having a million "international" airports and their weather guys are always talking super doppler 9 million trillion gazillion radar -for checking to see if the tornado is right ON YOUR street (haha)....

i do have to admit that i enjoyed taking air orlando's planes up and flying them with the dougmeister!!! I think the people there were the friendlyist i've talked to since living in orlando for a good 10 years....

just for future though - should always check with the webmaster first before you plug away!!!
Well Kristie thats the company that bought them, Shelts-Holland, who own all the Jet Centers - like FLL, DAB etc.
How is that new company? The seem to be doing a good job of fueling our airplanes next door at the flight school.