Air Marshals Grounded

yeah no kidding. What does the TSA do anyway? I was just at the airport on Friday and all i saw them doin was sittin around eating donuts and drinking coffee while there were about 60 people in line at the security checkpoint.
well i can say this about the TSA. When i worked for them they made the process to get hired a huge administrative pain in the ass. Thats probably where most of the problems started. The real kicker though was they trained us on all the bomb stuff and weapons and so forth long before my security clearence ever went though. I guess they decided to trust that no terrorists were in the class. In fact, i started in August of 2002 and when i quit in January of this year my security clearence still hadnt gone through. it took them that long and they never did anything.

When i talked to a few of the air marshals and asked them how they liked the job, every one of them said they hated it as they were being worked to death.

On the other hand when i started at Frontier Airlines the week after i gave the TSA the finger, it took them 2 days to get my security badge which is the same exact badge i would have had with the TSA.

The problem with the TSA is that they are government employees working for a private company hired by the government. As hard as that may be to understand, that is how it is.

Thats funny that you only see them standing around eating and stuff while the lines are long. Here in Denver i seem to see them smoking more stuff than they eat.

oh yeah and im STILL waiting to get my last paycheck from the TSA... 6 months later!

lazy slugs!

I guess it's good thing we have FFDOs now. They can protect us from air marshals without background checks!

With respect to FAM working conditions, the few marshals that I've talked to have said the complainers are idiots who don't realize how good they have it.
I wonder what their schedules are like now? From what most of the FAMs told me, they usually worked about 12-16 hours a day and days off were few and far between. One guy told me he hadnt seen his family in over a month.

I will give them this though, you would never suspect some of them of being an air marshal. They definetly do not look like a typical LEO. Most were normal looking pax and blended in perfectly.

I remember one of the female FAMs came up to the checkpoint and all the guys were checking her out. She was a straight up hottie! Nice skirt, long blonde hair, and all the tight clothes and so on. After talking with her for a few minutes, I had to ask her where she hides her weapon. She just smiled and winked and said "thats classified information".

When I worked at an airport about a year ago. The new air marshalls there stuck out like a sore thumb. I met a few of the ones that had been doing it for a while and I couldn't tell if they were or not, they blended in just fine. It was just the newbies, they could be spotted with no problem. When they were signing up for something at the airport, they sure tended to struggle with their names.........gee, I wonder if they got new ones?