AIR Inc stats..


Freight Dawg
According to Air Inc (so take it for what it's worth)...

-68% of the 5845 pilots hired in 2002 were civilian trained.
-Ages ranged between 23-54 for major airline hiring.
-Median age: 35.1 for civilian trained and 38.4 for military trained pilots.
-Average time: civilian (6014hrs)/ military (4286hrs).
-92% had a 4 year degree or higher.
-98% had an ATP and 80% had the FE written passed.
-15% of civilian pilots had corrected vision.
Interesting. After I mention I want to be an airline pilot everyone asks "Aren't all those goes retired fighter pilots?". I used to say it was about half and half, but now I guess I can say assertively that most come up through the civilian ranks.
Those are interesting figures - does it happen to say if those are figures for the US or the entire world?

I have absolutley nothing to back this up but it seems to me that 5800+ pilots hired is an extremely high figure given the state of the industry. All of the major airlines were furloughing/not hiring. Who was hiring? Southwest, Comair, Airtran, Jet Blue, and NetJets??? Maybe it is but I don't see how that number could be anywhere near accurate.

Keep in mind that Kit's selling a product.

There's no way to independently verify the information which would make an unelightened person send a check to purchase services to determine where the hiring 'hotspots' are.

Besides, the 5800 pilots that were supposedly hired working aviation jobs, or pilots that found jobs at Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc?

I might be wrong, and of course I bring no supporting evidence myself, nor am I going to spend the next five hours providing personal nor professional references to retute Air Inc's claims as well. (Sorry guys, inside joke)