Air France: "Uh. We need gas money."


You beat me to this by a long while, I think it's pretty funny. Mod's you can delete my duplicate post if you want to keep house.

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Lets see, $5 from each passenger would have gotten them how far?


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Passenger safety is our NUMBER ONE concern, here at Air France. Welcome aboard.


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I've heard of that happening in the old Soviet Union, but this is the first time for Air France.


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I think any excuse would be preferable to "we needs some gas money." Hell, tell me a wing fell off, or the hamsters died. I've had credit cards get declined at FBOs for no more than 600ga, and the first time is plausible, second time it annoying, third is frustrating, and the fourth is down right humiliating. Once you have to call and ask the office for a new number you might as well let out a 30 second fart and walk out the door.