Air France Co-Pilot Arrested At New York Airport...


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Air France Co-Pilot Arrested At New York Airport
Man Faces False Reporting Charges

UPDATED: 4:25 p.m. EDT August 9, 2003
NEW YORK -- An Air France co-pilot was arrested Friday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport for allegedly telling a security screener that he had a bomb in his shoe.

The man was arrested at 9:30 p.m. Friday. His flight that was set to leave for Paris at 11 p.m. was canceled. Passengers were flown out on another flight Saturday morning.

The Port Authority police checked the pilot's shoes and there was no bomb.

The plane was also searched.

The pilot now faces charges of false reporting. One of the charges is a felony that carries a maximum prison term of seven years.

**Me personally, i think this is sort of stupid & sort of correct...i dont think the man should go to jail...but i would do something to him after he said he had a bomb...i mean...if i could tell he was just joking around that would be different..but if he had a serious look on his face..i dont really know what i would do..


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I'm sure he was just trying to • with the TSA screeners, only he forgot that they can • back harder.


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Yeah there have been cases of that in the past, someone gets annoyed and makes a joke. They hate it, and love to make a huge scene when it happens.


I'll never understand why someone would joke about having a bomb in his shoe when it would be infinitely more entertaining to begin telling the story about how you came to have a metal plate in your head.

Or maybe play a game of "Guess The Piercing" ... that might even shorten the inspection.


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If piercings set off the detector, do you have to pull down your pants and prove you have one?? ( assuming that your junk is pierced!!)


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Actually if it is a metal piercing and they are wanding you correctly it will set off the wand every time.

According to the book, the screener is supposed to resolve each alarm no matter what it is. In the case of pierced genitalia they are supposed to take you back to a private screening area and resolve the alarm there. For all the screener knows, this a could be a detonator which in itself is enough to do serious damage to an aircraft.

When I was working there we had people with "those kind" of piercings come through from time to time and sometimes they would freak out and others they were totally cool about it. We actually had a porn star come through one time and she was very open about it.

Anyway, getting back to the subject. This is the whole problem with the TSA, it is half assed attempt to please the unknowing public. Rarely is a search done correctly and if you arent going to do it right then why bother? Think about all the pants out there that have metal zippers on them. Do you think that all those zipper alarms are resolved? Rarely do they even wand you correctly enough to get the beep in that area because they know if it beeps they have to feel whats behind it.

The other side of the coin here is if they did do a proper search then NO ONE would ever willingly fly again. I'm sorry but im not into getting a rectal each time i want to get on a plane!


Well-Known Member ex had a couple of, below the neck. Whenever I went anywhere with her, they never set it off. Maybe they weren't metal, who knows.


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most likely, they didnt get "the full meal deal" wanding job!

You know how most of the TSA people are lazy looking? Work with some of them for a while... It is amazing how lazy they are! About the only way you can get them to do anything is hold a cigarette break in front of them.

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I wonder if they were harsher with this guy because he is French. There's still a lot of anti-French feeling going around.

Still, it's a very dumb thing to say.

On the matter of piercings and stuff, I have had my zipper set off the metal detector and required a TSA guy to stick his hands into my pants and feel around to make sure I wasn't packing a weapon there. Talk about feeling uncomfortable... Now, I wear sweatpants when I fly.

About the TSA and laziness: a few weeks ago, I was at MSP, and I went to go eat in the food court area. Some guy came in, dropped off his bag on a table, and then left to go stand in line to get something to eat. The TSA guys came in on their lunch break and sat at the table next to his unattended bag. They were gabbing amongst themselves, all the while this unattended bag is just sitting there, feet away with no one around it. I watched as it sat there for 10 whole minutes with no action taken by the TSA before the owner came back. Guess they were on break, so they didn't have to worry about it...