Air Force Thunderbird crash.


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I was attending the Gunfighter Skies airshow today at Mountain Home Air Force base in Mountain Home, ID. Just after takeoff the #6 Thunderbird climbed almost vertical and came back down like he was going to do a low pass. However, he either got too low or something happened to the plane and it crashed and exploded into the ground. Luckily, the pilot ejected and was ok.

What a shame to see such a beautiful airplane destroyed.
I saw them performing at the Reno Air Races yesterday! WOW! Hard to beleive. Thank god he got out OK.
Yes, they were the last act of the show. It happened just as they started, we never got to see the other five until they came in to land. In fact, they circled high over head for 20 minutes or so until they got the fire out and recovered the pilot.

It was amazing how fast everything happened. Everyone was in a daze, almost like it wasn't really happening. Air Force personnel came out of the woodwork, so to speak, and moved everyone back and dispatched the emergency vehicles. Since it was on the base, they were trying to get everyone to leave as soon as possible. It was a very somber mood as we all walked back to our cars and headed home.
Holy Cow....I was going to go to that show for a while but some things came up and I didn't make it.