Air D at Backus, Minnesota


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hello to all from bangalore, India. This site is awesome and has given me a wealth of information!

I am a potential flight student I am 22 years old and am finally getting to do my flight training. I am interested in flying at Air D INc, in Backus Minnesota as it is quite cost effective for me. Airport is 7YE

I was wondering if anyone has heard about this place. From what I hear it is a small place and only takes about 5 or 6 students at a time. The programs here are well suited for DGCA requirements. At the end of 8 months I will get about 250 hours total - including 25 hours of Multi-Enginer time.

I was wondering how good this is in the US? Do airlines hire people with those hours? Also if I get a CFI rating - will it make a difference and can I land a job with the hours I get in the US?

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I flew up to Backus once this summer for a fuel stop and was not very impressed by the airport, although I didn't explore much. There was a lot of garbage laying around from what I saw (although it may have been a lot of construction), but I didn't walk inside the FBO. The airport is very small, and the runway is not paved. The area around Backus is BEAUTIFUL. There are lakes, rivers, and forests everywhere and plenty of campgrounds if you're into it. I didn't see the inside of the FBO, we just got SS Fuel. Unless you're living near Backus (or if you're getting one heck of a deal), I wouldn't recommend this airport, because there is no ATC Tower, barely any traffic, and a lack of complex airspace nearby.

Now for the amount of hours. 250/25 is okay, but you will need to do a significant amount of time building after you're done with your flight training. It could be flight instructing, banner towing, lake surveying (especially up there), etc. This is true with almost all flight schools.

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Thanks for the reply. Lot of students are raving about the teaching and the quality of instruction. I know its pretty rural and I think there is a controlled tower about 10 minutes/miles away from there.

As far as price goes- I will send u a Private message about the same.

How many hours does it take to break in to US airlines at an entry level job on a regional?

thanks once again for reply!