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Anyone have any experience flying for an air ambulance (lear jets and such)? Love to hear about what career opportunities there are.
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If you don't mind maybe you could tell us a little about your experiences. What is the typical job like? Do need any specialized training in medicine?

I dont mind at all but i am away for 4 days now and will write more detailed as soon as i get back !

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Sounds good, I'm interested to hear about your experience. I once got to fly with Native American Air Ambulence in their PC-12. It was one of the coolest flying experiences I've ever had and since I've been extremely interested in doing this line of flying.

I met with a guy a month ago who owns an air ambulance company in ICT. They fly 5 king air C90's and several helo's. I asked him what they look for in their pilots. He told me that they don't look at a resume unless you have 2500 hours. THey fly single pilot ops. He doesn't hire anyone who isn't a CFII because he said they have a great knowledge base and really understand flying. No medical training was required since there is only one pilot it would be a little dangerous to be in the back doing a little CPR!

I would definitely love to work for an air ambulance also. I think it would be very rewarding.
I honestly don't know. If I were to guess I would say somewhere betwn 25-40 but like I said that is just a guess.

I didn't feel comfortable asking him at that time. I'll see what I can find out though!
This is something I'm also very interested in. Anyone know how hard it is to get one of these jobs? Obviously you need some hours, but what else do you need? Is this one of those you only get hooked up if you're on the inside jobs?


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From what I hear you only need 200 TT and a coml ticket. I guess they figure that the PAX already have one foot in the grave so why the need for all the restrictions?

I'm a medic with a Fort Worth hospital that owns a Kingair B200 for pediatric critical care transport. We fly all over the place. The pilots are hired and paid by Omniflight, Inc. which is nearly 100% dedicated to helicopter EMS operations. They do support f/w operations though, like ours. You can find the mins for PIC status at Omniflight on their website: Omniflight

Not sure what the mins are for SIC (we fly with a 2 pilot crew at all times). We've had lots of pilots calling inquiring about jobs (including a couple of Delta furloughees). Unfortunately, there are no openings, nor will there be for some time. The pilots basically work 12-hour shifts, are paid a flat salary (no pressure to fly), operate under Part 135, and take call from home at night (have to be within 30 minutes of KFWS).
I fly air ambulance, all in King Airs. No medical training, there are nurses and paramedics in the back who do the medical stuff. We fly two pilots (two PAID pilots) and other duties include helping load the patients, loading of medical equipment and standard charter stuff (updating Jepps, aircraft cleaning, and keeping current for checkrides and groud training). I enjoy it, it is fairly stable, I get a salary and per diem when we fly. It's also interesting flying, going into short and barely paved fields sometimes, other times you go into some international airport. It really isn't a fast way to build time though, I only flew 350 hours last year.
, I only flew 350 hours last year.

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Granted, that's more than I fly in training, but that equals out to about 29 hours a month or 6.7 hours a week.

What do you do the rest of the time?
The Air Hospital is an L1011-based plane. Check it out, it's pretty cool. I wish I could fly that plane... someday
The Air Hospital is an L1011-based plane. Check it out, it's pretty cool. I wish I could fly that plane... someday

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And it sits at TUS Arizona.
What a beauty sitting there on the tarmac... they seem to taxi it around a lot (always parked in a different place). Anyone else notice this?