Air Ambulance (FW) on the east coast?


Did you lock the doors?
Does anybody know if there are any air ambulance companies flying King Airs east of the Mississippi? They seem like good gigs, just can't push west...
Vanderbulit in Nasheville, Lifeguard in Pensacola, MedCenter Air in Charlotte, North Flight? in Michigan, CJ Systems in Louisville, Airmed Ga in Augusta. That's all I can think of off the dome.
been a little while since I was on, but thanks for the reply. lots to go on.
cheers man
Look around ARR for a B200 operator. The one in Augusta is gone. It was bought by EagleMed and closed, but there is a base in Greenville, SC. IIRC there was a Lear operator in PNS and Wings around MEM has/had B100's.
have you heard of any of the folks getting exotic with scheduling? like 7 on 7 off? I told my wife if she likes her house, she can keep her house...:)