AIM room for us.


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Alrighty kidz...

It would be nice to just chat about ATC and just BS with each other like some other JCers do.

SOOO... here's how to get to the room.

  • Log into AIM chat.
    Click AIM from the menu bar
    Click Chat
    Click Buddy Chat
    Add your screen name to the invitee list
    Replace the chat234982039850 or whatever it generates with JCAIRTRAFFIC
    Click OK


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So if the people who checked in on the room tonight would have stuck around for 10 minutes there woulda been 6 people chatting.... everyone just logged in for less than a minute and left.

You have to get in and hang around until more people join.


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C'mon folks...join in. If you don't like installing AIM itself, use Pidgin (that's what I use) or Trillian. Both support the chat functionality.


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I should drop in there and sully it with all my pilot cooties.

Asking about ride reports and all! :)


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Ill give you some input.

I strongly believe that although this hamster seems prepared for anything, the helmet would not prevent me from consuming him whole should I develop a raging hunger for animal meat.



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So i think this is a great idea, but i think we should post a time to go chat, cause i log in and never anyone there, or everyone is asleep at like 2:30 am lol, so put a time you'll be on and i will jump in and say hello