AIM Chat again

Okay, what am I doing wrong? I've got Trillian, I'm supposedly logged into the AIM chatboard jetcareers, and I'm alone!!!
Okay, I went to and logged on to AIM express but I can't seem to figure out how to join the chat. Can you put me on a buddy list and invite me......please.........:)

screen name MQAAord
Yeah, and I clicked "yes" and AIM threw me off!

Damn, I feel unloved......

Try me again!
Hey great chat last night everyone! I got thrown off by AIM at midnight and couldn't reconnect, guess someone was telling me to go to bed already! Anyway sorry I left without saying goodbye, but it was great chatting with you all!
me too.. ditto on the "sorry i left without saying goodbye"... it was a good chat but we have family coming into town and just got off the couch without logging off and started "cleaning" house....before i knew it - i think it was an hour later! hahaha

Office still needs to be cleaned up tho - doh!! i left that for the dougmeister this morning.. and if he really wants to make my day, he'll remember to light the candles throughout the house and let them burn for a few hours to smell up the house really nice!!
I guess that's my hint that I stay on jetcareers too much throughout the day when my wife starts posting my 'honey do' list in a forum!

Anyone wanna hop on for an evening session?

For those of you sad enough like me to be home on a friday night
Sorry, how do you get there from AIM running? From internet explorer or from the AIM Chat button? Because that only looks like I can start me own chat, not join "jetcareers" chat room.

aim:goChat?RoomName=jetcareers (ie: put this in your internet explorer address area and hit enter)