ah, tailspin


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So I was listening to this song,

then I realized that a "tailspin" has never come up in my training nor have read about it, but it seems to be all over in pop culture.

I am guessing it is a just the archaic term for "spin" and a weak google search doesn't disproved that.

So I am just double checking with you guys to make sure I am not missing something with this tailspin. :tmyk:


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I've never heard of tailspin before in training either. Tail stall, yeah; spin, no. I think its just a term thrown around, but has no meaning in aviation.


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I don't think there is such a thing considering if the tail is in a spin, the rest of the aircraft is in a spin :p


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Remember, there are things other than airplanes that have tails :) I found that the origin is from the early 1900's. It could easily see it being just as much about cars, birds, dogs, etc.

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Haha...that brings back memories! ...the reason I wanted to be a pilot. :rolleyes: Thanks for the post!

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