AGI/IGI writtens


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I know that the IGI and CFII written tests are from the same pool of questions as the instrument written, but do you have to be a current CFI to take the IGI or CFII writtens?

Also, what is required to take the AGI written? I asked some folks at my flight school about taking these exams and could not get a straight answer, to the effect of "worry about those when you are a CFI." That's nice, but I will have instrument ground soon and want to maximize the benefit and take as many relevant writtens as possible.

Going further, does someone have to sign me off to take the CFII and IGI writtens?
Who told you "not to worry about it?" Ground school bubba?

You do not need a sign off, just take the IGI and CFII test when you do your IA written. Just tell D.(you know who) you want to schedule it for that day or the next day. The AGI is from the CFI base. Once you do your FOI, you can pump out an 8710 and take it to the FSDO or wait for the FAA's monthly visit. The ACO office can't issue the BGI/IGI/AGI certificates.

Chunk pretty much covered it but ...

If you have some free time go grab the FOI Gleim book, study it for a week, take the test and score a 98.

Then, when you go take your IA written take the CFII and the IGI writtens as well. They are all, essentially, the same test.

Then take your FOI and your IGI results to the FSDO and swap 'em for a brand new, shiny (ok, maybe not so shiny) Temporary Airman Certificate for Ground Instructor - Instrument.

At this point you'll no longer need to take the FOI ever again for any further instructor rating/certificate. If/when you go to get any other instructor ratings/certificates and the applicable party asks for your FOI results (because you'd need to turn in the applicable instructor written and the FOI, just like you did for the IGI) you need only to present your IGI Certificate as proof of having taken the test.

At this point you could then "teach" Instrument ground school, provide applicable ground training for IPCs and give sign-offs for the written test (can't self endorse however).

Anyone - even non-pilots - can get any ground instructor rating.
I'd recommend getting your AGI and IGI after the checkrides. If you hand the DE a AGI/IGI certificate, he/she may expect more out of you. Plus, if you embarrass yourself in the oral, the DE has power to yank that AGI/IGI certificate.
If I decide to do as panamaguy suggested and wait until after I have my CFI checkride to go get my advanced/instrument ground instructor ticket, will my CFI license count as proof that I passed my FOI? I assume that it will...
Doubt least it didnt during mine. Having your AGI/IGI just means that you spent enough time reading through the questions and took a few writtens.
Does having the AGI/IGI certificates prevent any pain during the initial CFI oral?

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It's nice to get your AGI during the CFI checkride.
That way, you get it right away, up front, and may help ease the stress during the rest of the ride