age matters?


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Alright, I really have much to consider, where to go to school, what I should do, that kind of thing. ATP looks really promising to me, but first let me tell you where I am. I am 22 years old, I graduated with an associates degree at a communty college in 2001. I have been working at my job since then, but the cubicle life just isnt cutting it for me. I dont care what people say, I love flying. I know people say that you should only get in it for the love of flying, that way, you'll be content with your instructor life if you cant make it big, but I want to make it big. That is my goal, to become some kind of an airline pilot.

Knowing that, I am considering going to ATP for their 3 month program. I have heard that if you become an instructor there, in Jacksonville or somewhere like that, you can really get some good ME time, which of course, is what I want. My question is, lets say that I started my 3 month stay, in May, Id finish in August, when I turn 23. Would being so "young" stop me from being hired as an instructor? I promise that I am very mature for my age, and having worked in the professional world for two years, I have some experience with that part. Would they not hire me as instructor because I am young? or would it maybe give me an edge? The reason that I am asking, is, maybe an older person, say 30, might not like having a 23 year instruct them in how to fly. What do you all think?
I think you need not worry about your age. It never stopped me. You will need to know your •!, and command more respect out of your older students, but I had no problem with it, and I was younger than you are when I started instructing. PM me if you want a more detailed opinion. Also, look into ways of finishing your Bachelor's degree. I have an associates too, and its not worth the paper its printed on. I am almost done with my bachelor's which won't be worth the paper its printed on either (its an aviation degree), but at least I will have it. Good luck.

I am 33 and my ATP instructor was only 21. Age doesn't matter... experience and maturity do.

Good Luck in your decision!

I am 23 and have had many students that were older than me. I was only 19 when I began so most of them were older. They make you a better instructor, because you have to be more professional. A few months ago I got two new students, one 42 and the other 48. I was nervous at first but after a few flights I honestly forgot our age difference and I think they did too.
i was 18 when i was hired with atp, im 19 now and have never had any real problem from a student about my age. In my opinion age has nothing to do with ability as an instructor or pilot.