After long waiting,i'm making progress.


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And here I thought i'd have my private pilot certificate two years ago haha.I had to stop flying for a month and a half after I finishd my first year of college because my instructor got hired by Colgan.Good for him, bad for me. Needless to say I have had a new instructor for the past week and I am making a lot of progress with him. What's even better? He's here for at least a year because he signed a contract.So today I was supposed to fly solo from Brookhaven(KHWV) to Gabreski ( KFOK) to practice full stop's and taxi backs in a controlled airport Didn't happen from weather)hope 2morrows better. . I am also supposed to do my first three legged cross country before I do my 2 legged solo XC(don't know when that will be). The flight is from Brookhaven>Poughkeepsie>Hartford and back. The first leg i'm soloely using VORS (Calverton,Bridgeport,Carmel,and Kingston). Anyway, I am hoping to get my private by the end of the summer before I go back to college so when I return, I can work on my instrument. I think three flights a week should be plently.


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It's good to see instructors realize their dreams by moving on to their respective careers. And you (general) have to realize that virtually every instructor is going to have to leave student mid-way through his/her training. I've had a few instructors move on as well and it sucked a bit at first because I had to get settled in with a new instructor, but in the end it all worked out allright because I got many perspectives from different instructors.

Best of luck to you!


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Ah good ole FOK. It's funny how the controllers always say "check wheels down, cleared to land". I'm assuming you attend Dowling College? During my instrument checkride i had to do a VOR 6 there at HWV and a hold on MASTI intersection as well. Good times and have fun.


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The best advice is was given about leadership was from a Drill Instructor, during the Crucible.
It applies to flight instructing, or almost any situation:

Leadership is displayed by example. There is no perfect leader, but what you should do is take what you believe is good leadership from those around you and take it for yourself. And thus becomes your leadership example.

I would almost perfer students fly with someone else just to see a different perspective of flying. Could give you insights to bad habits that you didn't know you were forming.

Good luck on your progress.

One thing I caught was that your going to navigate soley by VOR's? As a PPL even a com student, you should learn to navigate by looking outside and 'Dead Reckoning.' Alternators do fail, and instruments crap out.