AFROTC Question


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I'm pretty set on attending OU next year. I've been looking on the AFROTC detachment's website ( and it looks like something I want to do. I interviewed with the Commander up at UND (when I was still considering going there), and it seems like something I'm really interested in.

What is the next step for me? Should I try and set up an appointment to go up there and talk things over?
Find out if they have an open house where you can do a tour and see how things are run. Ask for an application for a scholarship and fill it out, send it in. (Make sure you send a complete package, partial packages will be rejected). Get called for an interview and do awesome, but don't be a tool. Start freshman year of college and do ROTC with a scholarship. If you don't like it, you can quit without owing anything. If you like it and decide it is for you, continue and graduate from college/commission in the Air Force and join the rest of us!

PM me if you have any questions