AFROTC Discussion in the Chat Room Wed Night

Mike Lewis

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I spent 9 years in the Air Force after receiving my commission through ROTC, and I thought I could discuss ROTC in the Chat Room, since there seems to be a lot of questions about it. I know some general knowledge about OTS and the AF Academy, and I also can give you some perspective on being an officer in the Air Force (but for the record, I am not a pilot).

Anyway, I am planning the chat for Wednesday at 8 PM CDT in the Chat Room if anyone is interested.
I am very interested in ROTC. I have been looking into Army ROTC since last year and I like what it has to offer (especially the commission as a 2nd Lt. after 2 or 4 years with them).

I have not looked into the other branches of military and their ROTC programs, but I am very willing to discuss Air Force ROTC and what they have to offer.
I will!