AF 30 day CFI program in Atlanta


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Anyone has any experience with the American flyers CFI program in Atlanta??? I’m planning to attending in February.
Thanks in advance :D


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I attended the CFI Academy in SMO and was well prepared for both checkrides. I'd highly recommend the course. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, granted I have not attended the ATL location.


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I stopped by the ATL location for information....the instructor there told me he wasn't "up-to-date" on their CFI program and to come back or call.

I called 2 days later, last Wed to be exact.....spoke with someone who wasn't versed on the CFI program either. I left my name and #.....I finally got a call back today:rolleyes:...

It's down to them or Falcon--the 30 day program would be impossible for me though since I work full-time and can't take a month off....Falcon has been kinda vague on info also.