For Sale AeroCoast Cooler & EFB (Smaller) laptop attachment. $60 Shipped


I've got an Aerocoast cooler & EFB attachment for sale. My parents bought me another cooler for my Bday so I'm looking to get rid of this set up. I've probably only used it on 2 or 3 trips, so it's in pretty new condition.


It's kind of nice that the laptop bag is smaller, still would fit a 13 inch Macbook pro. My MBA fits and has a lot of wiggle room.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.11.55 PM.png


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Thats a much better laptop bag than the full size one. My fullsize one, with an iPad and 15in MBP still has a lot of room left and ends up making the back somewhat bulky and cumbersome.

I may purchase that small laptop compartment separately and see if I can't just squeeze my 15in MBP in there anyway.

Certainly recommend this set-up though to anyone who brings a little bit of food (or a lot really) and doesn't want to carry two separate bags for "food" and "laptop."


Bag is sold!

@surreal1221 if your 15" MBP fits in the larger bag I'm sure it'd fit in the smaller one as well. There's plenty of space, and the length and width dimensions are the same I believe.