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I am considering going on a trip put on through Northwestern Michigan College to Harvey Rihn Aviation to do aerobatics training. We'd be flying college aircraft down and back and getting some aerobatic and spin training while were down there. Harvey Rihn seems is in Texas and thats a long trip to take which means a lot of money. Does this sound like it'd be worth it and does anyone have any experience with this FBO or aerobatics in general?
I've done about 10 hours of aerobatics in a Avions Mudry Cap-10.

I think after about 10 hours of spin training, unusual attitude recovery, and basic aerobatic maneuvers you're not going to get any more out of it, but I think doing these things is very beneficial. In the event that you're flipped over one day on short final, you'll be less likely to "freeze" and have a better chance at recovering the aircraft in time.

As for the aerobatic feeling of flying, I think that doing -3G to +6G flights day after day would be very much fun. It was great to do it, but I'm glad I don't instruct that type of flying; it's fatiguing and gets old fast (in my opinion).

But by all means, do some aerobatics. It will make you a better pilot.