Advice on Multi IFR/COM add on checkride?


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Got my checkride coming up on Tuesday at 7:30am and am wondering what advice anyone could give me. Thanks
Know the systems, Vspeeds, Vmc, and be able to describe a critical engine. Take your time on the flight and you should be fine.
Know critical engine, what Vmc is and what the effects are on it by different factors - eg aft C.G., density altitude. Know all the aerodynamic factors acting when an engine is lost. For the flying part, just keep your head in the game. My DE turned the fuel selector off and then started chatting with me about stuff as I was setting up for the ILS to try and catch me off guard. Fly the airplane first, have your checklists handy, but don't get them out until you have the airplane under control.
The only thing I kinda screwed up was my landings. He said I landed like a rookie...which with 8 hours ME I am a rookie. I followed the glide slope until I had the runway made, and then I slowly started bringing the power back and touched down about 500' down the runway...just like I've always done. He wanted me to follow the papis all the way in and set it down right on the aiming point the big boys do it.
I got asked "can a pilot (technique) affect Vmc?" on my multi add-on.

Yes. If you don't compensate with the rudder you are at Vmc!

Know critical engine and everything that affects it (density altitude, W&B, CG, pilot technique etc.)

Is Vmc a fixed figure? No. it can and will change but the redline is a "worst case scenario" speed. However, it can go higher than that number in specific situations.

Know how to calculate single engine ceiling - because it too will change depending on the environment and the state of the aircraft.

Also, know if your aircraft has a certian RPM under which the prop cannot be feathered. And know your systems - especially fuel.

Other than that my mutli add-on was pretty straight forward.