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Hello to all. It has been sometime since I have been on here. I finished flight training at the end of April through ATP at the Atlanta location, and since then, have completed my jet course as well as taken my ATP written. Now the dilemma...ASA has a full time customer service job open at my local airport, but it is a non-flying position. I would like to be building hours, but getting a CFI job is becoming more and more difficult. Also, with the economy in the state it is in, a flying job is also becoming increasingly hard to find. I have corresponded with 9E for a first officer position, but all interview dates are booked, but the outlook i was getting from them seems somewhat promising, if it can in these "hard times." The other issue is the email I received from Mesa, which from what I have read on here, many of you others received the same. I have a wife and child, so the need to get back to work is a necessity, as our funds are beginning to run shallow. Any advice...?

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In your position you can't do much other than to apply everywhere. There's thousands of guys out there with more experience so take what ever you can get. Also pilot job fairs are great, I would strongly avoid going to MESA but since you've got family it's hard for me to judge. Look for CFI jobs though, I find it hard to believe it's hard to get one. My local airport is hiring CFIs.


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I believe the position with ASA would be a good move. Take the job, and look for CFI jobs in the area while working at the ASA desk job. It ma not be a glamorous position, but hey, at least you are still in the aviation field. Do that to keep some revenue coming in, find a CFI job part time, and as you are building a nest-egg, the something full-time flying might open up.

You are right about CFI jobs becoming increasingly more difficult to find, and on top of that, not all flight schools are desirable to work for. Take the ASA job until the right flying job comes along.

Just my .02