advice for a wanna be


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I'm in need of advice so if anyone has any please let me know!

Although I started my college career at ERAU (not for flight)I left after the first year to move back to my home state and obtain a BS in marketing. Well, after working in the direct marketing/ecommerce field for 3 years I realized that I took the easy way out by moving back and going to school for business (no offense to anyone).

I am really interested in going back to ERAU to become a professional pilot but I'm frightened of the student loans. I would want to focus on my studies and not work full-time but that means taking out loans for pretty much everything (cost of living and school). My other option is to work full-time and take forever to get my degree while still accumulating quite a bit in student loans.

Should I follow my dream (student loans be damned, it'll be like having a mortgage)? Any advice???
Hey Leah,

My suggestion is to go for it...and don't work. I have gone through that before and its a slow unproductive process. Its better to take the loans out and finish your degree ASAP. Then you can go to work in a higher paying career and pay off those loans quickly.

The amount of money that you would lose in income in the LONG period of time it would take you to finish your degree would be way more than the amount of interest you'll have to pay off on the massive loans.