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I had a new user, on his first post, post a link to another website this afternoon which I made the decision to delete.

For the most part, it's harmless but if I allow new users on their first post plug another website, overnight I'd probably have 50,000 new users register and more or less take over my forums with posts about "visit!" "visit jumpingjunipercessna172'", etc.

If an established user that we're all familiar with does it, no problem -- it just means that you're sharing with the group something that you may find interesting.

But for a brand new registrant to the forums doing so? Not in a million years.

Long term, this forum could dissolve into another 'usenet' newsgroup where it's dominated by spam, make money fa$t ads and other junk posts.

That makes a lot of sense and I'm sure just about all of us on here can go along with you on that!

I do encourage everyone though to go checkout . . . oh, wait, that's right we're already there
I agree completly, I think they should just take their advertising elsewhere. Unless it is like Doug said a trusted member that we know.
I guess the big thing is that if you're an active user and a member of the community, sure, no problem.

But a user that registers today, posts "Hey, come visit" and then disappears, bah!
Well, for some great information on aviation check out

They can even tell you how to fly a 747.....right after mommy picks them up from school.

[/ QUOTE ]


Learn to fly a 747, in between 2nd and 3rd period! And six easy lessons on a laptop while mom shuttles you between school and your violin lessons in the minivan!
It would be helpfull if everyone keeps a look-out for Fishy posts/ New Users.

Hey Doug why don't we form a Jetcareers Watch( like the Airport Watch or Neighbor-hood watch) it'll be so much fun.
The captain in this video posts on all the time

[/ QUOTE ]

Who on Flightinfo is it?
I have a world air routes UAL 777 DVD, poor production values (think Girls Gone Wild
), but still a cool vid as how would us "mere mortals" ever score a ride in a 777's jumpseat?
Doug thats why we like JC so much.. You keep the crap out and provide the good stuff that we pilots need.