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I sent this e-mail out to ATP tonight because I think you have given them as well as every other flight school out in the world free advertisement and I would like you to be able to continue doing so(in a way). Your website has helped me out very much and I thank you for that, at your expense. I hope this letter urges others who have expressed how thankful they are for JetCareers to begin e-mailing, writing, etc to their favorite schools and asking them to consider donating to JetCareers. I believe once they see the value in this website it is a no-brainer.

With all repect,


As a prospective student I have gotten a lot of excellent information about your school from a website called JetCareers.Com I think you owe it to the website owner, Doug, for all the free advertisement he has provided your company. I am writing to you quite frankly to ask you to consider making a donation to JetCareers and thus being the 1st flight school to do so. Why am I asking you to do this? Let me tell you that I am in NO WAY affiliated with JetCareers and they do not even know I am asking this of you. The reason I am asking you to do this is because I think you have an excellent program for people like myself and as a prospective student I want ATP to succeed. As such I would love nothing more than to see the website owner, Doug, announce to all the boards within JetCareers that ATP has been the first to step up to bat and offer a donation as an example of recognizing excellence when they see it. Imagine what that would say about ATP!!! JetCareers has helped myself more than any other website on the internet in getting excellent true honest advice on moving into a JetCareer. If you truly want to show what a professional program you have to offer I can think of no better place to invest than in this website that has given you free advertisement 24x7 for at least months, maybe even years now (I have only been a regular visitor for 3 months now). O.K., I said my .02 cents and you can do what you want but I wanted to do what I think is my responsibility which is to speak up to my potential future employer and ask them to demonstrate their professionalism to myself and thousands of others.

Paul Spangenberg