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ERAU students/graduates-

from your experience, just wondering what the admission criteria is like for potential freshman applicants. thx
Im a Jr. in High School and i recently went to a ERAU "Information Session"... it was overkill! we left after 3 hours... and they still werent done. But boy did they have alot of information including admisstions. The admissions criteria is that high, its not Harvard! i remember something about a 2.7 or better GPA and something is the ballpark of an 1100 on the SAT's. Hope that helps, the information is a bit sketchy, but its somewhere in the ballpark. I suggest you get in contact with ERAU so you get added to thier records. They they keep you up to day on admission and and invite you to thier information session! Good luck! Oh and also consider taking a trip down to either of the two campases, i heard they are wonderful!