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I searched(search tool) and browsed for a little bit about ADD an medicals. I know there is some stuff on here, but I can't find it. I have a student who is a just starting, and has ADD(he admits it). I have also noticed that it is still prevelant, he wanders in the cockpit quite a bit. Can he even get a medical with ADD? I just don't want to waste his money if it's not a reality for him. He just wants to fly for fun, not a career, so I was thinking 3rd class. Thanks doc.
ADD requires a Special Issuance. Does he now or has he in the past taken medications for this? He may need a neuropsychological evaluation to get the medical.
I think he used to take meds for it, but no longer does. I am just concerned that he may get distracted too eaisly while flying. I'll have a talk with him and tell him before he goes any farther with training to talk to an AME about it. Thanks doc.
Distraction is a real problem. If ATC gives him a clearance and he cannot remmeber it, read it back and follow it, he is a danger!!