Adacel visit


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We had Adacel visit Kent State University today with their big RV packed with simulation equipment inside. Apparently the program they were running is the same program (or close to it) used in Oklahoma City for Terminal folks.

The basic setup was three large flat panel screens up top. A trackball in the center to look around, screen to monitor airplanes, map of the airport, and a radar with about a 10nm view. There was a spot for a local controller and a ground controller. Of course nobody knew exactly what they were doing so one of the guys running it would jump in most of the time to tell you what to say to the pilots. You were set up with a headset and a hand held button to activate your voice. It was an interesting simulator as it promoted proper phraseology, a local controller was trying to clear an airplane to takeoff on "12L" instead of "runway 12L" and the airplane (UPS300) kept calling back with "say again or unable". I also watched a local controller put two into each other because an airplane disobeyed. Very interesting piece of equipment, around $500,000 apparently.

Since I'm going for enroute training this was more fun for me than a look at what I'd be doing, but it was definitely fun and I look forward to doing similar things in OKC.