Actual Multi Time at ATP


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Hello folks:

Was just wondering - how many Multi engine hours does one have when he does the zero-to-hero course at ATP. I know the website says over a 100 multi PIC. Of these, how many are logged as safety pilot?


I left with about 130 multi. Probably 45 are safety pilot. The recently reduced the amount of multi time. Plus when they say over 100 the add in the sim time.
In the 'old' program I logged 133.7 in the Seminole. The last 10 hours were really hard fought to get. Dispatch wants to cut you off after you get into the CFI program. Continue to call and get put on a few extra trips to get what you paid for.

Have fun!
I just finished the program and i logged 140 multi engine hours.
The new program that started after I started will have less. I believe its 100 hours multi.