Active Duty Special Work (ADSW)


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Some states have different names for this. It's what the Army National Guard uses for temporary jobs and to pay the soldier active duty pay. When I get home from this deployment I have the oppertunity to work ADSW for 6 months. I would like this because I would be home every night with my wife and family. Is the airline required to hold my job for me after I come home and work ADSW? This would give me a chance to catch up on life and unwind from the stresses on this deployment before going back to flying? They were good with me on the deployment, but then again, they had to let me go. ADSW could be different.


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I would present your employer with the ADSW orders and be sure to communicate well with them of your intentions. Just don't keep them dangling by a thread about when/if you're coming back to work.

Also remember that you have 90 days to report back to work. That starts AFTER your last day of leave once Returned From Active Duty(REFRAD Date).

With me it's always been "good" with my employers when I had some kind of orders to give them.


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I don't think there is a difference as far as USERRA is concerned, but the place to get the answer is the ESGR. It's been awhile, but I believe ADSW Title 32 and your deployment Title 10?