Accident record for Pilot errror -prospects for Airlines or General aviation


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please discuss prospects for jobs or employment for pilots who have accident record for pilot error accidents involving totalling the airplane.
...Sounds like there is a story here, lets hear it. From what I can tell, totalled an a/c due to your error. You could probably get a job in aviation as long as it was due to accident of yours not you being ignorant. And you probably need a good record after the accident. Give us somethin to work with here, like what happened....
I do know of one instructor who wrapped a plane around a tree. He and the student were fine, but you would have never thought anyone could have survived by looking at the plane.
I remember reading a thread on another aviation board from a guy who had landed gear up. He was asking if he still had a chance at having a successful career following the accident...before the thread was two weeks old he had a job offer from a regional airline. All depends I guess.