Accepted AMT job offer at ORD


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After sending out resumes and checking Skywest's website for my status, I finally found a company based out of ORD and said yes to working with them.
One of the reasons I wanted this job was the various airlines and aircraft they work with and they have contracts with different airlines, both freight and passenger to do their maintenance (except United and American). I want to work on private jets later on in a couple of years in Texas(preferably Dallas since they have different facilities that work on aircraft like the BBJ and A319CJ) since they have several FBO's which do maintenance on aircraft and I saw some when I went there. My starting pay may be $17 an hour but will be raised after training and other factors, but it's something I wanted to do. I had a plan and wanted to get one of those jobs that offered 5+ years experience working on private jets.

The interview was not like what I expected and after sitting down with the supervisor, he just said they needed some mechanics and he picked my resume because of the flight time I logged in single engine aircraft(never had a chance to get my PPL due to school and work being in the way while I was in college, but I found some time when I had some open and he needed someone with communication experience to work with taxiing aircraft.), and asked me if I had any questions and I told him yes. At first I wanted to think about it but after thinking of my options(airbuses and boeings vs CRJ's ), I told him I was interested and they gave me the paperwork and had to get a drug test nearby and now I have to play the waiting game for checks to come back. I will be taxiing aircraft(they just got a new tow truck where it picks up the nosewheel and goes on its own power.) and go through training also but it's a start.

As for flight training, I found a flying club at nearby Chicago Exec. Airport(Palwaukee) and will devote one or two weeks for flight training. Once I find out my schedule and my days off, I can find out which days and the time too-I still want to get my license!!!!!
Wow, sounds like an easy interview! Everyone I know that got on with SkyWest had to go to SLC for their interview. Congrats on the job. Be careful taxiing the aircraft. The airport requires mechs to go through a class for mx taxiing around ORD. It's a pain in the butt when we have a mx road trip to ORD, because we have to get a flight crew to actually taxi the aircraft to where we need it to be.