Accelerated/VA approved


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Just wanted to know if there is a accelerated flight school that is VA approved. I have my PPL just want to further my certificates.


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We do both accelerated and VA (141). However, as we are getting into our very busy season, the more notice the merrier. As in a few months out. We do all level of training to include tailwheel (4 supercubs) and aerobatics (4 Great Lakes and 1 Pitts S2C). We are located in Chandler, Az. Take a look at our website We have information on VA and such. If need be you can send me a PM and I will get back to you.



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We are accelerated but, since we are not 141, we are not VA approved. I do have many people comming here that have VA but don't use it.

Save your VA to help you get a job. The ratings themselves are cheap when compared to the cost of a type rating. I would reccommend, as I do with all people that call me on the subject, that you pay through your commercial AMEL 'out of pocket.' Do your research on a position in a company that you want to work for and, after you have made that decision, go and recieve a type rating in that aircraft.
Type ratings qualify for VA and you're talking about 4-9 thousand each.

Just my .02.