accelerated instrument program


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I was wondering if anyone knows of a good accelerated instrument program, like 2 or 3 days maybe? I have my cross country req. and hood time and about 10 hours or so dual completed, but having trouble finishing b/c the airport I fly out of is an hour drive one way(Gas is killing me!)...and I need to just go somewhere and get it finished all at one time!


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If you are going somewhere to finish-up just make sure the examiner is available. I recomend a phone call to the examiner you will use confirming availability. It sucks to get somewhere and find out the examiner is on vacation or booked solid.

I also recomend you find out how many students have been recomended for the instrument practical test (in the last 12 months) by the instructor you will be flying with and how many passed.

Just my 2 cents.