about to go on my first

Have fun! I loved my long instrument XC...SAC, MRY, MOD, SAC...broke out at mins into MRY, with a nice ocean view, it was great, have fun!!!
Hey, have fun man. Mine was DWH-ACT-CLL-DWH. Got some actual on departure and broke out on top. Most of the trip was VMC though. Only downside of my trip was drinking a large Red Bull before we left and having to take a piss for the last half of the cross country. Anyway, good luck and enjoy.
One of my more memorable moments in my training.


Great experience!
I sooooooo don't remember any of my IFR XCs from training except when I went KDUA - KACT - KDUA... Simply because my I met my dad down there! My parents live in Jersey (I was in OK for college) and my dad was in Waco for business... :pirate:
One of the 3 most fun flights I had as a CFI was doing the long instrument X-Cs for 2 students in one day. We flew GGG-DAL-PWG-CLL with one student, ate lunch in CLL, then flew CLL-HOU-PSN-GGG with the other student. We had a total of 7.7 hours that day and flew in some great airspace and dodged T-storms leavin HOU.