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A few here already know but I finally got my CMEL and I'm looking to get into 121. Hopefully a CLE base, but maybe CMH, PIT, or PKB.

Presently sitting 1520TT/109ME tons of XC, glass, and side stick. 8)

Anyone willing to help a JC buddy out?

Do I get extra credit for attending all NJCs since 2005?

25 years from first flight to CMEL.
XJT is of course actively hiring into the ERJ. I can't imagine CLE being a hard base to get after a month or two.

Congrats again!
Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment ! Good luck to you in whatever future career plans you may have!
Congrats! Don't go 121. Realize your error and start studying to be a lawyer or doctor!
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That or fly corporate. You said you went to NJC since 2005. And I'm sure there are people that know someone that can point you in the right direction.