AA F100's go to Jetsgo


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AA F100\'s go to Jetsgo

American sells Fokker fleet to Canada's Jetsgo American Airlines has sold 18 Fokker 100s to Jetsgo, doubling the size of the Canadian budget carrier's fleet. AA had already announced plans to retire this type by 2005. It currently operates around 30 of the 105-seat aircraft, down from a fleet of some 75 a few years ago. Jetsgo aims to put its new fleet into service from June, flying alongside its existing 14 MD83s.
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I liked the little Fokkers..............
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Coming over from Eagle, I liked that there was usually only 2 F/As (depending on load factor & meal service there were sometimes 3). So I could work by myself, and do things the way I want to do them without some senior mamma telling me "well, on the 747 we used to do it this way".

I like the F/A jumpseats. On most aircraft, when there's two F/A seats together, it's one big seat with two harnesses. So if the other F/A is a, umm, larger person, the smaller F/A is left with enough room for about half a cheek. The Fokker had two separate jumpseats right next to each other. It gave you more room.

The crews tended to be the more junior (read: fun) crews. The most fun I had at AA was flying the F-100 on the DCA & YYZ trips. My line the month of Sep 2001 was scheduled to be sweet DCA & BOS Fokker trips. I didn't get to fly a single one.

About the only thing I didn't like was that there was no exit in the far aft cabin. The furthest aft exit is the window exits, so there's no door in the back by the F/A station/jumpseat. This means in an emergency you have to fight your way to the exits to perform your evacuation duties, and catering can't get a cart back there. So if you're #2 (the main cabin F/A) you have to bring your own cart & supplies back from the 1st class galley.

It was a nice little airplane. I know parts are expensive and becoming hard to come by, it was one of our 'orphans'. (The A-300 being the other one.) I think it was a smart business decision to get rid of the type, but I'll still miss it!
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I always loved the F100's myself. I'll sure miss them. I'm also missing the 727's AA used to have, but now the Super 80's have found a place in my heart.
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What is the reason why?

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Well, JetsGo needs the airplanes now due to the competition with West Jets. They got the airplanes cheap, with crew training, spare parts & a simulator.

The other problem was that JetsGo was having trouble finding MD83's, there are plenty of MD82's out there, but JetsGo wants the MD83's.

Some of the JetsGo staff has experience the Fokkers.
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I only flew on a Fokker once and it was a F-28 on "Air 21". Fresno's first jet carrier! Wooo!

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Just a leased F-28 from USAir back in the early 1990's.