A380 to visit Oshkosh


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AvWeb is reporting that the A380 will be visiting Oshkosh this year. Apparently they have done the math and the runway and one of the adjoining taxiways is big enough for the white whale.

What do you guys think? Disaster waiting to happen or just some really good flying?
Wasn't it there last year or something?
Airbus and AirVenture officials say they've done the math and they can barely squeeze the world's largest airliner into Wittman Regional Airport for its first air show appearance in North America. The A380 will arrive in Milwaukee on July 27 for customs clearance and crew rest and take off for Oshkosh the next day for a planned arrival at 3 p.m. The aircraft will do a seven-minute flight display before setting up for landing on Runway 36. In a web conference Friday, Airbus test pilot Terry Lutz said that while the 8,000X150 runway is plenty for the A380, there's only one taxiway that will accommodate the aircraft, although, happily, it's the one that leads to Aeroshell Square. That gives the crew about 5,500 feet before the turnoff, which Lutz said will be plenty, even with a 10-knot tailwind. The aircraft that's coming is a test plane and will land at about 720,000 lbs, about 60 percent of its maximum weight.
Hrm. I could have sworn I saw a picture of Aeroshell Square with the A380 sitting there. I guess I must be remembering pictures from Paris or Farnborough or something...
I will be there all week and I can't wait to see that thing yank and bank! First time going to Oshkosh, our school is sending a bunch of us instructors up to represent!
I saw an Russki An124 at Oshkosh in 1989 as the Cold War was ending. Not sure of the bearing requirements, but the size is similar. FWIW